I was up in the middle of the night amid dry socket pain, as I listened to my mind do its rounds. I often have a hard time falling back to sleep anyway when I let my thoughts go. Is that just a womanly thing, or motherly, or just plain insomnia? I don’t know. But I decided it was time to start writing. Here I am married with a one year old daughter and indescribably joyful. God has surely blessed me in this life, and I am only 23. I don’t want to forget these feelings. I got up, grabbed a notebook and just started writing (an action I used to really love until a high school teacher and college screwed that up for me). I wrote for an hour at 5 in the morning, and I must say, it felt good. But I needed something more permanent and less blistery for my hands. My idea is to write about my experiences as a wife and mother, as well as my journey to becoming closer to God and more like our Lord’s mother, our Mother as well. After all, she is the mother of JESUS, and she is the perfect one… never even stepping outside of God’s will for her, not even one itty bitty tiny baby step. I figure maybe after I write for about 20 years, I’ll have enough experience to turn it into a book. If not, then hey, it’ll be cool to look back, reminisce, and see just how much I’ve grown as a person, especially as a mother, wife, and disciple.


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