My Original Journal Entry: What Would Mary Do?


jesus bath

July 2, 2014 5:00 a.m.

I hear our 14 month old daughter crying out from our bedroom… our bedroom. That’s right. She sleeps in our bedroom and we love it. This is the 5th night of “weaning” my daughter from her mid-night feedings in an attempt to get more sleep… more sleep for me… for my husband… for my daughter. Although, she has no trouble catching up on sleep throughout the day. Is this the right thing to do? Am I being selfish?

I often find myself asking these questions, but more importantly, I ask myself, “What would Mary do?” Our start to parenthood began on slightly different feet. An angel never appeared to me. My news came shortly after our honeymoon and a fun-filled 23rd birthday, which regretfully involved adult beverages. Yikes. Mary, pray for me. Am I anything like you? No, no. My daughter wasn’t born in a cave. We were in a clean, spacious hospital room. I didn’t even experience labor. Edith was breach, and I was forced to have a planned c-section, which involved an epidural and multiple healthcare professionals. Mary, you had a stable and a husband.

Wow, we are so different. But can we be the same? Is there some way? Despite the world I live in? This world is so complex. There are so many ‘choices.’ I am a woman and I have these so-called ‘rights.’ I have access to millions of facts and opinions just by typing a word into my laptop, tablet, or smart phone. I am expected to have a degree and a career. Being a mother and a wife isn’t enough in today’s world. In this world, if I devote myself to just those roles, I am looked down on. I am called lazy and a failure by some. If I don’t bring in some income, there is no way we can ‘afford’ to have a large family. And even if we have a large family, we are called ‘uneducated.’ “Don’t we know what causes that?” “Have we ever heard of birth control?” (I will write on these topics in the future.)

But Mary, you had a stable and a husband. And the most beautiful Creation on His way. You were a wife. You are a mother. Did you ever feel you needed to be more? Did you ever feel inadequate? You must’ve felt a lot of pressure, being the Mother of God and all. It couldn’t have been easy. However, you did have the Perfect Son.

Let me ask you this Mary. Did Jesus walk on time? You know what I mean. I’m sure His pediatrician told you that most children walk by 15 months, and really, if He’s not walking by the time he turns 1 then you probably hold him too much or you’re just a lazy mom. 😉

So, like I was saying, we are living in completely different worlds. How can our lives be anything alike? I know, however, by the grace of God, it can be possible. I can and will be more like you, more like your Son. And that is why, with prayer, discipline, God’s blessings, and asking myself questions every day, like “What would Mary do,” I am going to become more like you, Mary.


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