Edith @ 15


With my daughter being the absolute blast that she is, as well as moving past the 15-month mark, it’s time I document some of my favorite things she is doing lately. This could take awhile.

Here goes:

  • The excitement on her face when she sees you after she wakes up
  • Her dance moves: the arm sway, the body rock, the fast feet
  • Her face when she hears the garage door opening, realizing Dada’s home
  • Her “ooo” face when she drops her cup or food or whatever to the floor(usually on purpose)
  • Her waddle of a walk
  • When you say “I’m gonna getchu,” she starts running toward you with a huge bear hug
  • Her crazy excitement if you mention Frozen, play the songs, or say “You wanna build a snowman?”
  • Her crazy excitement when you allow her to have fruit snacks or cheese puffs
  • The way she takes your hand and leads you to wherever she wants to go, usually outside or to read a book

             Note: Yesterday I told her “Mommy needs to go pee on the potty” and she actually took my hand and lead me to the bathroom. Adorable.

  • Her full-time job of removing objects from their places and putting them in random places around the house
  • When she sits in your lap and you notice how tiny her feet and legs are, but how much bigger she is than she used to be
  • Her prayer hands and her own version of the sign of the cross
  • Anytime you take her shoes off, she has to stick her feet in your face so you’ll sniff them and over-exaggerate about her stinky and smelly feet, followed with her cackle
  • Her cackle of a laugh, in general
  • Her gentleness and lovingness, always giving those sweet kisses
  • Her hugs are the best, she wraps those little arms around your neck so tight
  • Her fuzzy blonde hair that rats up after sleep or sitting in the carseat
  • Her hyperness at bedtime and her happiness when Dada reads about a Saint, she always has to get real close and rests her head on his chest
  • Her love for other kids and babies
  • Her restlessness and rascalness at mass and our difficulty to be stern with such an insanely cute child
  • Her love of dogs, her baby doll, Lonnie dog, the blue car, and being outdoors
  • The way she picks up on skills and understands things so quickly like the itsy bitsy spider and baby signs(more, eat, thank you)
  • The way she reaches for you with this adorable face, she puts her arms real close together and does the “gimme” sign with her hands
  • Her love for swinging and says “whooooa” the whole time

There are at least a million more, and I’m sure I will update as I think of them. We just don’t want to forget her personality at each stage. Too much fun to not remember.


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