Why Prayers to the Queen Are the Will of God


Why is it that it takes me so many hours to finally come to rest my burdens on Jesus after a long day?

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know how much can happen from the time you and the kids wake up, until the time (Praise the Lord) your kids go down for a nap, if you’re still being graced with one of those glorious break times. By the time I come around to relaxing and praying a rosary, I find myself completely exhausted on all aspects, especially spiritually. Today, instead of focusing on my prayers and glorifying the Lord, I’m distracted by my regrets of the day so far. Why did I once again turn to food to “help” with my stress? Why did I have to spend so much time disciplining my toddler while my 5 month old cried her sweet little self to sleep? Why didn’t I pry my eyes off my stupid phone so I could instead be truly present with my kids? Why did I waste precious moments on dreaming of a newer home or going shopping for new things to burn off some steam? And now why, God, why didn’t I come to you in those very first moments of weakness???

God is here. God was there. He’s been waiting for me. HE’S been waiting for ME! Little, helpless, feeling like a failure, me. He was there with His hand on my shoulder, while I explained to my daughter why we must share with our friends, and He was there comforting my youngest as she fell asleep. He was the little reminder in my head that pizza and chocolate won’t actually make me feel any better about myself, but rather will do just the opposite. He was bringing beautiful smiles to my girls’ faces as I stared away blankly at that God-forsaken mobile device. He was ripping my mind away from criticizing our home and veering my eyes toward the pictures of our happy daughters on the wall. And when I finally got that peace and quiet and gave myself up to a moment in genuine prayer, He revealed His love for me once again. Though I will never deserve it, He took away these burdens and He offered me His mercy, just as He does every single day.

We are urged to “pray without ceasing, to give thanks to God in all circumstances” (1 Thes 5:17-18). This is what God is calling us to do. This is the way to love your day. It’s truly the only way to to feel that you’ve done God’s will throughout your day. He is there in our everyday moments, no matter how pitiful we feel they may be. He is calling us to find peace. He wants us to do the right thing, resulting in a greater love toward Him. He wants to pour out His graces upon us. That can only happen if we let God in. He was there waiting for me to let Him in, but I kept running away. It was His own mother, the Queen of Peace, who stopped me in my tracks and sent my thoughts to her Divine Son. This is how I know any prayers to Mary will only bring you closer to God.

As a mother, I’ve always had a special devotion to Mary. I feel it’s easier for me to relate to her, as she was also human, though an incredible one. She is the perfect example for motherhood. She is the perfect example of trust in the Lord. She has the closest relationship of anyone with Jesus Christ. She is also our Mother. And what does our Mother want more than anything? For her children to join her and her Son in heaven. She loves us and she wants nothing more than to bring us closer to God. She wants no glory for herself, but only for God. And God loves her. He loves her so much that He provided her the grace to always say “yes” to Him. He loves her so much that He entrusted His only begotten Son to her care. He loves her so much that He brought her, body and soul, to Heaven. And He loves her so much that He affords her opportunity to dish out her grace upon us, the rest of His children. That’s why I pray the rosary. That’s why I ask for her intercession. And that’s why you should too.

Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, Pray for us!

Lord God, Our Father, Have Mercy on us!