11 Patron Saints for the Stay-at-Home Parent


Unless you’re some beyond belief future patron saint of patience, at some point or several points during your stay-at-home parent career, you probably find yourself wanting to pull out your hair, hide in your bathroom, or just plain run away. These eleven patron Saints can really aid you in your every day expeditions of conquering eternal laundry, perpetual messes, and cyclical toddler battles.


  1. Saint Hunna of Alsace, AKA “The Holy Washerwoman”: This chick can help you plunder through that pile of laundry. Laundry will always be my most dreaded chore, specifically the folding part. For some reason, I cannot stand the feel of warm, staticky fabric under my nails. It’s my own personal nails scraping on the chalkboard. However, when I actually pull myself away from my misery for a moment to say a prayer for St. Hunna’s intercession, I find the task is less daunting.
  2. Saint Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus: Surely you remember little miss Martha in your Bible readings? She’s the one who was annoyed with her sister for just sitting and visiting with Jesus while she did all the work. And remember, Jesus chastised her for just that. (Luke 10:38-42) I like to pray for her intercession while I’m in the kitchen cooking or baking. She also helps me remember that it’s important to take breaks. If my daily chores are keeping me from God, then I need to take a moment to stop, pray, and spend time with Jesus and my kids. Then I can get back to work when the time is right, offering up my duties for the glory of God.
  3. Saint Philip Neri, the humorous Saint: With kids, you have to have a good sense of humor. Whether you just found your baby with a bunch of gum wrappers and minty fresh breath or your toddler strung the toilet paper through the house like a maze, it’s important to find the humor in the situation. These moments could either result in a stressed out maniac or a really good laugh with your spouse. Pause and ask for the intercession of St. Philip. He will help you find joy in the midst of calamity.
  4. Saint Gerard Majella, Saint of expectant mothers: This guy is legit. Are you trying to conceive? Are you in risk of miscarriage? Are you super prego and exhausted? This is your saint. I like to ask for his intercession for myself and also for those I know to be in the child-bearing years. When I was pregnant with my second child, I needed his intercession for energy to keep up with my toddler. I also wanted to be able to deliver my daughter via VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean). Our baby was breech and we were losing hope that she would flip to head down position, and I would have to again deliver via cesarean section. We asked for the intercession of Saint Gerard, as well as Saint Gianna Molla(see 5), and guess what?! Our daughter flipped at 39 weeks, almost unheard of! This was followed by a healthy and successful VBAC delivery. Praise the Lord!
  5. Saint Gianna Molla, Patron of mothers, unborn children, and physicians: Pray for her intercession while pregnant, during labor and delivery, and every day motherhood help. This woman is honored for her bravery and self-sacrifice. She was diagnosed with a uterine fibroma in her second month of pregnancy. She was urged to abort the baby and continue on with her life. She instead chose to give the baby life, costing her own. What a woman!
  6. Saint Zelie Martin, mother of Saint Therese of Lisieux: She is so cool because she was just your regular housewife and mother yet called to become a Saint by living out every minuscule task for God. You can read actual letters and correspondences from her in this book. Also, this article brings some of her writing to light.
  7. Saint Therese of Lisieux, The Little Flower: While we’re on the subject of her family, let’s talk about this little gem. She was a young Saint. She lived her life for Jesus at a very young age. You want help subsiding a nasty temper tantrum? You want your kids to be well-behaved and walk the narrow path? Ask for this saint’s intercession.
  8. Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, the Divine Mercy Saint: Did you have a bad day in parenting? Do you feel like you failed your kids and God on this day? It’s time to ask for forgiveness and accept God’s bountiful mercy. Saint Faustina can help you with this one. Pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, ask for this Saint’s intercession, apologize to God and your kids, and whoever else you’ve hurt. Make plans to go to confession. Start fresh and do better the next day.
  9. Saint Anthony of Padua, Patron of Lost Articles: I cannot tell you how many things this Saint has helped me find. Did you lose your wedding ring, your phone, heck, your child? You better believe you’re gonna find it if you ask for his intercession. My husband asked for his intercession to find my cell phone after it had been lost for 3 days on a spring break trip. The day we were leaving he called it and some random guy answered it saying he found it buried in the sand. You kidding me??
  10. Saint Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mother: Man, this man is awesome. So brave, so strong. He helped raise Jesus. He submitted to God’s great plan for his life. He was a carpenter. He was the head of his household. There are so many opportunities to ask for his intercession. I often ask for his intercession for my husband, for him to be the father, husband, and leader that God wants him to be each day. I also ask for his intercession when my husband or myself is taking on a house project. He’s helped my hubby with some pretty big tiling projects, and he’s helped keep me safe with power tools. Lord, knows I needed those prayers!
  11. Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Ohhhhhhh boy! The ultimate Patron Saint of like ANYTHING you need. Period. She is the MVP of parents, homemakers, children, you name it. I mean, come on! She is the MOTHER OF GOD! Do I need to say more? I ask for her intercession day in and day out, and the Lord does not disappoint. He appointed this woman to give us graces and to ask for our mercy. DO IT. Just do it. Ask her to pray for you. Pray the Rosary. Ask her to protect you and your family from evil. She is ready to be your weapon! Consecrate yourself and your family to her help.


Of course, of course(!!!!!!!!) you can never cease in your prayers to God, Lord Jesus, Our Savior, and the Holy Spirit!! You know that! But these Holy Saints are in Heaven right now. They are SO much closer to God than we are, and He hears their prayers and grants them the opportunity to create miracles with His help. Just like you’d ask a friend here on earth to pray for you, you can ask the Saints. And YOU SHOULD! If you’ve never done it before, just give it a try and watch how God works through those who love Him.


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